Engines and Solutions

Our Engines based on PlanetBrain solve many real-world tasks in the area of vision, text and speech recognition.
Together with our partners we have provided different powerful and impressive solutions for industry and consumer markets.

Planet AI Cloud

We made PlanetBrain driven Engines available in our cloud for testing your own scenarios, for gaining an impression about its performance or simply for your curiosity. If you have an idea or task, you might be able to use our cloud to get a Proof of Concept with your own images. It could also be very helpful for us, if you give us feedback about where PlanetBrain needs some more training. We are always putting our best engines into the cloud, most of them are even used in large industrial applications out there in the world.

You would like to use or test the PLANET AI Cloud?

Download and test!

Our Partners say

“AMD have been investigating the technology for several years and when we were introduced to Planet-AI’s ground-breaking technology we were very excited about integrating their AI search into our platform solutions. Our developers have been working with Planet since 2016 to establish this integration. Our Quartex platform presents an exciting opportunity to deliver document management with the added benefit of HTR search and discovery to a broad range of organisations in the education, legal, pharmaceutical and financial sectors. ”
Khal Rudin, AMD
“We are excited to be strategically working with Planet to create something truly unique and special. This partnership is going to build on a huge industry. Artificial intelligence is a premium service that is changing the world we live in and is reinventing how we do business.”
Lee Rossiter, Novatech
“Working with the software developed by PLANET AI and the CITLab Team from the University Rostock is always a pleasure and leads to amazing results. This definitely has the potential to be a game changer in the fields of historical research.”
Günter Mühlberger, READ