Both the finding and secure reading of license plates poses a difficult image recognition task. Especially if it has to integrate data from multiple suppliers of traffic enforcement solutions(Camera). These include different scenarios of traffic monitoring, like speeding, red light violations, but also supervision of parking garages and company parking lots.

Traffic Video Analysis
Number Plate Recognition

Visual Object Detection & Classification

PlanetBrain is able to localize and identify many different visual categories in images and videos. This skill is often utilized by our engines to preprocess images or videos to segment certain objects, e.g. to extract text lines or objects like cars, but can also be used as a stand alone solution. PlanetBrain finds even different, sometimes overlapping objects in the same image. It can handle a variety of different but typical difficulties as there are: only parts of the objects are visble, objects are blurry or unsharp, compression artefacts, overlapping objects, shadows and a lot more. PlanetBrain not only provides the area and type of objects found in the image, but also its own confidence for the classification.

Visual Object Identification

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