Empowering Eco-efficient AI development

Across the world, artificial intelligence is creating a massive surge in annual data output. In order to analyze the deluge of data for meaningful and actionable information the need for ecofriendly high-performance infrastructure and data centers is growing swiftly – but where to find them?

Kajaani is a small town located Northern Finland. But never mind the size, Kajaani is also one of the most important European HPC-ecosystems with its two data centers and supporting operators.  State owned CSC – IT Center for Science’s supercomputers will be accompanied by the new EuroHPC supercomputer, LUMI.

Herman IT on the other hand is a commercial data center operator and IaaS-service provider, with colocation service and capacity for high performance computing. Nowadays Data Center industry, centered in Renforsin Ranta Industry Park in Kajaani, is the region’s most significant growth industry. The strong ecosystem is attracting both global and national players from a variety of sectors.

HPC-optimized, green and certified colocation

Herman IT’s Data Center in Kajaani was introduced into service in the end of October 2012. Data Center design, project management and construction was conducted together with professional partners and customers in order to create an environment that fulfills the strictest requirements for energy, security and scalability in an environmentally sound manner. Waste heat recovery, abundance of green energy and cool climate significantly cut back the carbon emissions of the data center.

Herman IT and Planet AI are working together for providing AI and machine learning enhanced solutions for multiple sectors by combining top notch AI-solutions and optimized capacity for adding real value for the customer. Herman IT focuses on  providing secure AI-optimized production platforms together with Planet AI´s patented technology, enhancing the processing of data and thus shortening time-to-value.

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