Imagine an AI that truly understands the content of images, videos, written and spoken texts as you do. This AI would assist you finding any information, extracting and summarizing content, creating headlines and answering any of your questions – with this vision in the forefront our dedicated team bring PLANETBRAIN to reality.

We invite you to find out more about its amazing skills by checking out our PLANETBRAIN powered AI Cloud and Solutions we realize with our Partners.



Planet AI will be exhibiting at Rise of conference.
Come visit us at our booth!

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Come visit us at IBM South Bank London at 12.10 pm to know more about how our IDA Solution is revolutionising healthcare.

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PLANET AI will be attending IBM Think in Vienna to present technology and talk to partners.

Come visit us at our booth!

Our CTO Welf Wustlich will be one of the speakers at the Octopus AI Data Science Conference in Kharkiv, Ukraine, talking about our present work at PLANET AI and offer a glimpse at upcoming projects.

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PLANET AI will be attending GTC Europe in the International Congress Centre Munich.

PLANET AI will be meeting up with other members of the OpenPower Foundation in Amsterdam.

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