Imagine an AI that truly understands the content of images, videos, written and spoken texts as you do. This AI would assist you finding any information, extracting and summarizing content, creating headlines and answering any of your questions – with this vision in the forefront our dedicated team bring PLANETBRAIN to reality.

We invite you to find out more about its amazing skills by checking out our PLANETBRAIN powered AI Cloud and Solutions we realize with our Partners.



Nelson Fernandes SVP Product & Global Business Development will be on the panel – Right Expectations: What is AI doing and not doing. He will also give be showcasing the technology and its applications in the Banking, Insurance and Government sector.

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Come visit us at IBM Infrastructure Summit 2019 at 10.30 pm (CET) where our CEO Hagen Wustlich will present “Cognitive Supercomputing for Document Understanding, Speech and Images”.

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Planet AI will be exhibiting at Rise of conference.
Come visit us at our booth!

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Come visit us at IBM South Bank London at 12.10 pm to know more about how our IDA Solution is revolutionising healthcare.

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