Planet AI is giving a presentation about „Cognitive Supercomputing for Text and Speech“

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Together with our partner team CITlab from University Rostock we won again an international competition at ICDAR (International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition).

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We proudly present ArgusSearch Mobile App for Android.  It is bringing a high-end Artificial Intelligence assistent on your device. ArgusSearch will find any texts even very difficult handwritings with high accuracy.

Planet AI is giving a presentation about Artificial Intelligence based Document Analysis for large scale solutions for insurance, health care, finance and government.

Planet AI is excited to speak at IBM Think 2018: an event where the world’s leading visionaries discuss technology and business innovation by answering one simple question: What makes you think?

Join us in March and let’s think together at the IBM Think 2018

Planet AI will be presenting together with IBM about its technology fusion of PlanetBrain and Power AI. A sophisticated AI implementation running on IBM’s latest GPU server hardware.

Check out the features and try it out yourself:

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Planet AI will be attending CEBIT.

PLANET AI will be at IBM Think in Lucerne to talk about technology and meet partners.

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PLANET AI will be meeting up with other members of the OpenPower Foundation in Amsterdam.

Planet AI will be attending GTC Europe in the International Congress Centre Munich.

PLANET AI will be attending IBM Think in Vienna to present technology and talk to partners.