ArgusSearch for Mobile

Artificial Intelligence for Keyword Spotting in all your media!


Our deep learning character recognition and classification has revolutionized searching within media.

With AI and machine learning at its core ArgusSearch can detect keywords or regular expressions in digitally stored media returning results where the keyword/s exist in the relevant Photos/Image/Sound.

Shortcomings of existing search on mobiles

The current search feature on device does have a few shortcomings.

Somewhat curiously you cannot search for text (handwritten or machine printed) that’s been captured in your photos for example photo of that whiteboard workshop where you remember some identifiable keyword and you would like to have it without thumbing through your photo collection. Another shortcoming is you cannot search within an audio recording.

Nonetheless it’d make sense for those type of things to be searchable as well, so perhaps a future version will include that ability.

Media Search Enhanced with Planets Technology

Obtaining text information that’s stored within your photos on your mobile has been a bewildering task.

Imagine the search enhanced with classification and searching within all media (Photos, audio/video recording, documents) stored on your mobile device using Planets ground breaking technology.

Users can now also search for text within their images, keywords spoken in the audio recordings as well as find items (eg. Gun) within images. Media classified correctly and search results are more accurate.

Example for finding grandma’s recipe in my photos

Example for retrieving medical information

ArgusSearch combines state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) for text recognition and PerceptionMatrix¹ technology which makes it so powerful. 
Our technology supports Regular Expressions which makes searching through text, images and sound a breeze.

Searching for relevant information through your media was never that easy. The time of endless scrolling is over.
Start searching really smart.

¹patent pending